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"My first contact to Natalya was to engage her for a graphic design project.

It was through a recommendation of a friend that I asked for someone to be able to work with on a rash job to produce graphic designs and logo.

Not only Natalya delivered what I requested in a very short time, but also I was very pleased on the quality of her work and professionalism. I have also begun a web development project with Natalya and she is equally capable from what I have seen.

I would recommend Natalya to anyone else seeking experienced graphic/web design skills." - Olga Lozinsky, Principal Consultant, Lozinsky&Associates Inc.

"Natayla and I have been working together for many years. Natalya has extraordinatory artistic sense and creativity for web design. She is very professional, knowledgeable, has extensive background and passion in web design. She is an incredible and fun person to work with.

For anyone looking for a web designer with Nat's background and experience, I highly recommend her!!! I hope that one day our path will come across and we will be working in the same group again." - Jo Jo Cheung, C.H.R.P., Human Resources & Office Administration

"Just want to let you know that OMAF people really like the GUI design of the RUP framework that you did for them. I want to pass on the compliment to you." - Amos Poon, Director, Business Development